Reduced Fare Student Bus Pass Available to GCC Students

Friday, January 31, 2014

(revised 10/22/14)

What is the Gateway Community College Student Bus Pass?
The student bus pass is a special transportation pass for Gateway Community College students, priced at $35.00, that is valid for unlimited trips during a 31-day period on all CTTRANSIT local buses. The pass is activated the first time it is used and is then valid for 31 consecutive days, through the expiration date. The student bus pass gives you transportation freedom at a savings.

How does it work?
When boarding the bus, show the driver your Student ID and insert the bus pass, with the arrow on the front pointing forward, into the pass reading machine on the farebox. The farebox will “beep” to indicate your bus pass has been accepted. Now sit back and enjoy your ride. A block before your stop, pull the signal cord to notify the driver you want to exit the bus.

Where will it take me?
Ride the bus to class, to the mall or out on the town. Getting around Metro New Haven has never been easier! CTTRANSIT operates every day; morning, noon and night, rain or shine to get you where you need to go.

What if I have questions?
If you have route or schedule questions, please call CTTRANSIT Customer Service Representatives at 203-624-0151 or visit us on the web at Students with special communication needs, please call TTY 203-785-8930.

The 31-day Bus Pass costs $35.00, and is sold only at the Gateway Community College bookstore. Limit 2 per student. Quantities are limited to 500 passes with this coupon. Current GCC student I.D. must be presented upon purchase. Lost or stolen passes purchased with this coupon automatically will be deactivated. Available only to Gateway Community College students.