The President's Executive Council is comprised of business and community leaders who advise the president on major internal and external issues that impact the college.

Shay Atluru (North Haven)
Kevin Burke (Hartford)
Larry Bingaman (New Haven)
Gail Brathwaite (New Haven)
Martha Carlson (Hartford)
William Ginsberg (New Haven)
Garth Harries (New Haven)
Jill Hummel (New Haven)
Andrea Jackson-Brooks (New Haven)
Lenell Kittlitz (Hartford)
Jeff Klaus (New Haven)
The Honorable Martin Looney (New Haven)
Althea Marshall Brooks (New Haven)
Paul Patton (New Haven)
Tony Rescigno (New Haven)
Robert Santy (Rocky Hill)
Carlos Torre (New Haven)
William Villano (New Haven)