President’s Office Welcome

I am pleased to welcome you to Gateway Community College. We take pride in providing equal access to a high-quality education, state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories, and a caring faculty and staff who provide the educational support you will need to achieve your learning goals and maximize your human potential. This website will acquaint you with the wide array of degree and certificate programs available to you at Gateway Community College.

Dorsey L. Kendrick, Ph.D. President


Black History Month has a particularly special place in my heart as a time for celebration and reflection. The study and celebration of Black History is not only for African-Americans, but for all who appreciate and understand the significance of contributions that African-Americans have made to every thread of American culture.

As an African-American woman who came into adulthood during a remarkable era in our nation’s history, I have seen the very worst and the very best of the African-American journey.  It was not that long ago that the end of segregation opened the door for me to be one of three African Americans to attend a college that would have been closed to us just a year before.  The experience was frightening and challenging, but I was determined to succeed.  Like so many, I continued to enter unknown territory, forging the way so that others could see what was possible, and so little by little the barriers came down in education, medicine, science, the arts, athletics and politics. How wonderful it was, when we finally got to witness our nation choose a president for the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.

While many still see race as an impediment, I see it as an opportunity to show others what is possible.  The human experience lends itself to the formation of prejudices. It is easy to let negative experiences blind us and limit our ability to see past human failings. We all experience this. But isn’t it better choose another way? Isn’t it better to look beyond the assumptions and to appreciate our diversity? 

If we learn from the past, appreciate the present and strive to find a common bond, then anything is possible!  I encourage you to pause and reflect during Black History Month, on the things that bind us all together, and to pray in whatever tradition that brings you comfort, for those who are still struggling for the basic human freedoms that we take for granted.

Remember, as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King said, “none of us is free, until each of us is free.”