I am pleased to welcome you to Gateway Community College. We take pride in providing equal access to a high-quality education, state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories, and a caring faculty and staff who provide the educational support you will need to achieve your learning goals and maximize your human potential.

This website will acquaint you with the wide array of degree and certificate programs, activities and services available to you at Gateway Community College. I encourage you to become familiar with the site, as it will serve as a resource during your time at the College.

My vision for Gateway Community College is to provide you with the best possible choices for success. I realize that you are here because you have made the decision to improve the quality of your life through education. In doing so, you also enhance the quality of your future and the future of our community.

I wish you the best in your lifelong-learning endeavors.


Dorsey L. Kendrick, Ph.D. President

Sunday, September 11,2016, was the 15th anniversary since the terrible events of 9/11.  I can recall having a meeting in my office  that morning when the news broke.  I am sure that most of you also remember where you were or what you were doing on that horrific day. We must not forget how that day has changed America forever.  We must also not forget the pouring out of  love, support and kindness  that was shown by so many people to help those who lost loved ones, friends, family members, neighbors and individuals of our larger community. We must never forget that we are our neighbor’s keeper, and that it is important to look out for each other’s safety , security and well being .

President Ojakian wrote in his letter to each of you that, “one of the primary purposes of higher education is to provide a safe campus where ideas and opinions can be expressed freely. That we should value our differences and encourage vigorous civil debate on the difficult issues facing our society free of fear and personal attacks. We are a system that greatly values academic freedom and freedom of expression …. We should not accept any behavior that belittles or demeans one another.”

As President of this college, I unequivocally  support this philosophy.  I shall do my part to support and promote a college environment where we feel free to have opinions that are not all the same, and that we have a safe environment to express our ideas and opinions without feeling threaten or intimidated. The events occurring around the world allow us a time of reflection and a reminder of how blessed and privileged we are to live in a world where freedom and justice are the hallmarks of what we strive to achieve everyday as Americans.

Have a great day and a successful semester!