The mission of the Center for Student and Families (CSF) at Gateway Community College is to promote the economic well-being of students through integrated academic/career support, income/work support and financial services support. The goals of the Center for Student and Families are to serve as an on-campus safety net to help financially challenged students persist in college and gain economic stability.

About the Center

The Center for Student and Families invites students needing essential academic and financial support services to take advantage of various resources and activities designed to address your needs.

Students enrolled in the Center for Student and Families are able to focus on academic excellence, build a career and attain economic stability. The CSFis a welcoming place (appointments are not necessary) to provide integrated services that supports students’ efforts to complete their college degree or certificate program. All student information and services provided are held to a high standard of confidentiality.  

The Center for Student and Families partners with a number of human services agencies in the greater New Haven area for the following core service areas.

Core Services Areas

The Center for Student and Families partners with Gateway Offices and Departments to provide focused support in three overlapping core service areas:

  • Academic/Career supports empower students to plan for lifelong career pathways.  Career planning allows students to think about the connection between their academic courses of studies and chosen career paths.  Some students choose to get real-time job experiences.
  • Income/Work supports assists students overcome income challenges needed to achieve economic stability. The Center for Working Students has the capacity to provide pre-screening for public benefits. 
  • Financial Services/Asset Building supports intervene when students experience a financial crisis. The Center for Working Students takes a proactive approach to assist students reach economic stability through financial education, wealth building activities and bad credit avoidance.

For further information, please view the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Director of the Center for Students and Families.

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