Distance Learning

Mission Statement

The Distance Learning domain, dedicated to creating an effective and innovative online environment, facilitates Gateway Community College’s mission of providing high-quality instruction in an environment conducive to learning by offering students, faculty, and staff the highest level of global support for instructional technologies and online teaching/learning. Distance Learning (DL) personnel collaborate with local users and the ConnSCU system to establish and preserve design standards for the consistent presentation of course materials in online courses; they clarify as well expectations for student and faculty online interactions. DL personnel devise and deliver faculty trainings and student orientations on the Blackboard LMS to ensure these users’ competency with the available technologies. The domain strives to make Distance Learning an area of distinction at Gateway.

Please note

  • All inquiries to Distance Learning must include the CRN of the course(s).
  • Please email the Distance Learning faculty to make an appointment for training or Blackboard information.


Online Courses @ Gateway Community College

Online courses are NOT for everyone. Take this quiz to see if they are right for you.

Some people may refer to online courses as: online learning, online education, eLearning, distance learning, virtual learning, web-enhanced learning, or asynchronous learning courses, etc.

HYBR – The word Hybrid describes courses that combine face-to-face (on-campus), traditional classroom instruction with online learning. In hybrid courses, a portion of the course is conducted online resulting in the reduction of classroom seat-time. This method of delivery allows students flexibility with scheduling, while maintaining face-to-face contact with the instructor, which is typical of traditional courses.

OLCR – Online with Campus Requirement Courses are online courses with a campus requirement. The campus requirement generally means that students are required to come to campus for an orientation session or to complete assessments (exams). On campus requirement dates are defined in advance of the registration process.



Supported Browsers

Blackboard is the Connecticut Community College system’s course management system and is used to facilitate learning through the creation and delivery of web-based educational materials.

System Browser Check

This browser check is specific to Blackboard users and will ensure your browser is configured so the complete functionality within your online course section is available.

Clear Browser Cache

Clearing you Internet cached files within your web browser will fix many common browser issues. Please be aware this action will clear out all of your browser's remembered sites and other saved information. For more information, contact the Distance Learning Staff.


Enroll in Online Courses

Congratulations on your decision to attend Gateway Community College. We are excited to have you become a new member of the college community. Whether you are just out of high school, attending as a first time college student later in life, or you are resuming your studies after some time away, we are here to help you realize your goals. With over 90 accredited degree and certificate programs and a large selection of continuing education courses, you will find what you need. We are here to help you succeed in realizing your goals, whether they are academic pursuit, career enhancement or personal enrichment.

New Distance-Learning Only Students

Are you a new student who cannot come to campus and needs to register for an online class? If so, please click on this link for admissions, advisement, and registration information.

Online Course Selection

If you would like to see what courses are being offered online, for any given semester, go to the Connecticut Community College's myCommNet and:

  • Click on Search for Courses (under the Other Public Resources section to the right)
  • Click on the Gateway Term you're interested in.
  • Under Instruction Type, click HYBR (online and classroom), ONLN(fully online) or OLCR (online with campus requirement).
  • Follow the links to the Gateway schedules.


How to Request a Distance Learning Advising Appointment

  1. Call (203) 285-2090 to request a phone appointment
  2. Email your advising request to GW-CounselingHelp@gatewayct.edu

When requesting advising via email, students should be sure to include:

  • Name
  • Student ID number
  • Program of study
  • An attached copy of unofficial college transcripts (if applicable), and
  • Specific questions

Student Orientations

If you are taking your first online course, or your Professor uses Blackboard this spring or fall semester, we offer one-on-one appointments in the Distance Learning Office (N313) to acquaint you with Blackboard Learn.

To make an appointment, please send an email with your name, phone number, student id, and the date and time you are available to Robin DeJesus at rdejesus@gatewayct.edu.